Upcoming Webinar : Leveraging Web Data For Advanced Analytics

On 6th Dec, 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM ( EST) 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM ( GMT )


Rev Up Your Automotive Brand: Unleashing the Power of Web Data to Accelerate Growth

In today’s dynamic automotive landscape, leveraging web scraping techniques is not just a choice but a necessity. Whether your goal is to refine existing products or expand your brand into new markets, integrating web data into your strategy can be a game-changer.

By tapping into the vast reservoir of online information, OEM and dealers gain access to invaluable customer feedback, market trends, and competitor insights. This wealth of data empowers automakers to make informed, data-driven decisions, steering their automotive brand toward sustainable growth.

What We Do ?

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

  • Aggregation of Used/New Car Data
  • Identification of Independent Dealers
  • Monitoring Auto Parts Websites

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Automotive Industry News Intelligence
  • Tracking Regulatory Compliance
  • Competitor Pricing Intelligence
  • Auto loans interest rate Monitoring

  • Reviews - User Generated Content

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Review Aggregation

  • How We Do ?

    All Automotive web extraction services are powered by XDataHub which is a part of XDAS web scraping platform.

    XDataHub is a web scraping platform powered by XDAS to automate web data extraction with point-and-click interface. It enables users to create scraping bots, execute  & manage scrape processes on cloud and orchestrate workflows for post processing with zero-code knowledge. The pre-built solution bots and cloud infra manager comes along with XDAS helps to scale up the data harvesting by bypassing anti-scraping protections  like captcha, IP blocking, etc. and manage complex post-processes like cleansing, normalization and validation of scraped data. Integrations with databases through API simplifies the data flow from outside data sources to the platform and vise-versa.

    Customer Case Studies

    Dealer Intelligence - Used Car Market Analysis
    A large automotive manufacturer wanted to discern Demand for Used Cars, Model Details and Price Tags to comprehensively understanding the North American used car market.
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    Competitor Pricing Intelligence
    Our esteemed client, a prominent player in the automotive industry, aims to gain a competitive edge by analyzing competitor pricing details, car models, vehicle availability in specific regions, and customer ratings and reviews.
    Read More
    Automobile News Data Aggregation for R&D
    The client wanted to standardize the news articles across multiple sources in the automotive industry by creating a tool to analyze the new technology, and process available in the market.
    Read More

    Partner With Us for Web Data Automation services for the Automotive Industry,

    • Real-Time Sale Inventory Tracking
    • Reviews - User-generated content
    • Competitive Intelligence