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AI + ML Solutions

Explore the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology Solutions To Automate The Business world

The usage of software technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years with the entry of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Automating tasks in a business environment is necessary to derive the best insights. Adding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Models will free up resources to dedicate to other aspects of business that need human presence.

At Mobius, We leverage intelligent automation technologies to augment human labor with a digital workforce that helps transform processes and enhance productivity.

What We Do ?

Generative AI

When it comes to enterprise deployment Generative AI is often held back by concerns about data privacy and API costs. At TechMobius we rapidly adopt and leverage these technologies and offer both custom bespoke services as well as our own platforms with these technologies integrated.

AI + ML Platforms

Our teams can work with the latest industry platforms such as Azure AI, AWS ML services and many others to develop the best solution there is to offer.

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Training Set Creation Services

We deliver training sets as a service both with our inhouse platform and with market available platforms.

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Vision-based models and audio models

We offer a wide variety of AI datasets that include raw AI training data generation + tagging and annotation services..

Natural Language Processing

Integration of the latest technologies and highly personalized solutions with flexible & innovative Expertise across all industries.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

What is unique about us?

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Real Estate

Customer Case Studies

artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI-Powered Lease Abstraction

A Leading US-based Lease Administration Company dedicated to helping global clients found it time-consuming to go through large volumes of data and extract accurate value points.
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machine learning

Machine Learning

Mobius’ client is a well-known sugar manufacturer with a total sugarcane crushing capacity of 22,500 tonnes (TCD). The client was looking for an automated software solution to analyze images.
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HTS Code Classification

A Leading Cargo Operating Company active in serving shippers and receivers based in Ohio dealt with a large amount of freight data sets which makes it tedious and time-taking to group into categories.
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Automatic Object Detection and Room Classification

The task is to identify and categorize various objects in a room, and then use that information to classify the room as a living room, bedroom, or any other appropriate category.
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DevOps Tools

Product Catalog Onboarding

One of India’s leading e-commerce marketplaces that sells over 5 million+ products online had a requirement to onboard 500,000 product SKUs per day. The manual approach was time-consuming.
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Document data extraction

A US-UK-based real estate consultant and a government information archival body needed a solution that processes data and integrates with the property management software.
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Application development and maintenance

The Department of Education in a US state required assistance towards the creation and seamless implementation of a web-based application & a real-time ad-hoc reporting system.
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Content Migration

They required a system that could migrate content to help customers save time and cost of resources. It must help manage the process seamlessly. The earlier system failed to address the issue.
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