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Generative AI and LLM to Automate all your Business needs

It is just a few months since Generative AI went mainstream in the global market, but its ability to transform various industries is already imminent. The capacity to create and generate original text, images, audio, and video, through algorithms is already causing a rethink of business processes that aim for adaptability and future readiness.

When it comes to enterprise deployment Generative AI is often held back by concerns about data privacy and API costs. At TechMobius we rapidly adopt and leverage these technologies and offer both custom bespoke services as well as our own platforms with these technologies integrated.

What is unique about us?

We build, configure and run our own servers with the latest GPU systems for training and inference of gen AI systems at scale.

We build custom RAG pipelines for our use and deploy these in production. We could do this for you too!

We fine tune our on premise Gen AI models for specific use cases, we use these to move the efficacy of entire inference pipelines up

We work with both on premise open source large language models as well as with proprietary options like OpenAI

Our custom-built models can be integrated with your systems.

We offer AI and ML services with pre-built models and pipelines for faster delivery.

Guaranteed Data Privacy and complete GDPR compliance.

Our successful model delivery, ongoing model maintenance and support to our clients.

Trusted Partner for Fortune 1000 and Emerging Enterprises

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Key Features

Tailored language models to your enterprise's unique needs

Seamlessly integrate Knowledge Graphs for a holistic understanding

Combine the power of LLM and Knowledge Graphs for unparalleled responsiveness

Effortless scalability to meet growing enterprise demands.

Enable agile decision-making with dynamic LLM insights.

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Real Estate

Customer Case Studies

Sales Support Chatbot

A leading technology solutions provider seeks to transform its customer support and sales processes by implementing an advanced chatbot system integrated with detailed knowledge graphs.
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Job Description to Resume Matching System

In today's dynamic job market, HR teams face the formidable task of reviewing numerous resumes to identify the ideal candidates for job openings.
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Prompt Studio

Prompt Studio is a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking to automate and streamline the extraction of specific data fields from various document types, including invoices, contracts, reports, and more.
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HR Policy Explaining Bot

HR Policy Explaining Bot, powered by an on- premise LLM, aims to streamline HR policy management by enhancing communication within organizations.

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Financial Analytics Platform

To gain a competitive edge, corporations need a sophisticated financial analytics system that combines the power of large language models (LLMs) and detailed domain knowledge graphs.
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  • Prompt Studio
  • Job Description to Resume Matching System
  • HR Policy Explaining Bot
  • Financial Analytics Platform
  • Sales Support Chatbot