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Data Engineering

Reinvent How You Do Business with Data Engineering

Data engineering operates with large amounts of raw data, builds and maintains companies’ data pipelines to combine the information from multiple resources, store it in a single place, and prepare it for in-depth business analytics.

Our Data engineers convert data into a usable form for data scientists to interpret. When the data is processed correctly, businesses can access precise analytics that facilitates fact-based decision-making. We help organizations govern digital data and push the limits of excellence by providing software solutions and services that optimize workflows and fuel informed decisions.

What We Do ?

Data Architecture
Create appropriate data architecture for increased agility & scalability.
  • Data Architecture Planning
  • Data Architecture Assessment
  • Data Extraction
  • Containerized CI/CD
  • Embedded analytics
  • Data Visualization Lob apps
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  • Data Governance & Security
    Implement strategies for cost optimization, improved governance, and data security. Auditability (ETL)
  • GRC strategy and planning
  • GRC design and implementation
  • Active governance and expertise
  • GRC sustainment and support

  • Data Modernisation
    Migrate legacy data to evolved modern architectures to generate data revenue.
  • Data Virtualization capabilities
  • Data Systems Security
  • Data warehouses Modernization
  • BI Modernization
  • Data Pipelines Modernization
  • Data Platforms/Tools Upgrade

  • Data Lake and Warehouse
    Deploy data warehouse initiatives to collect and manage data from several sources to deliver intelligent business insights.
  • DWH Development, optimization
  • Data Lake Consulting
  • Data Lake development
  • Data Lakes Migration and support
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  • Data Ingestion
    The process of obtaining, importing, migrating, and modernizing data help extract & refine structured and unstructured data from varied sources for further exploration & analysis.
  • Auto Loader
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • File Ingestion Services
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  • TechMobius

    What is unique about us?

    Industries we serve






    Oil & Gas








    Real Estate &
    Store Location

    Customer Case Studies

    Fair Pricing

    An information service provider in the UK needed to identify commodities and quantities from bills of lading using text mining and build integrations onto a cloud data processing model.

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    Energy Demand Prediction

    A leading organization in the Energy Industry wanted to estimate the level of energy consumption based on past usage statistics and to provide critical insights on future demands using analytics as a solution.

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    Petrochemical Demand Forecast

    A leading petrochemical market intelligence provider in Europe wanted to establish a system for real-time tracking of movement and usage of Natural Gas fuel across 18 countries in Europe.

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    Automated Data Processing

    Hotel Occupancy Tracking

    The Department of Revenue to identify the Tax evaders wanted to get the daily occupancy rate of the lodging facilities, validate the occupancy of the lodging facilities throughout the state.

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    Case Studies

    Solution For An Energy Marketing Major

    A UK-based petrochemical market information provider needed to collect information on gas commodities on a daily basis in near real-time from unstructured formats.

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    Predictive Maintenance Optimization

    A known organization wanted to to find patterns that can help predict and ultimately prevent failures by predictive maintenance scenarios where data is collected over time to monitor the state of equipment.

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    5 Steps to Migrating your Data
    Most modern enterprises are driven by big data, which operates around the clock.
    Modern Data Infrastructure
    A new approach driven by demand from businesses seeking greater value.
    Introducing Databricks Workflow
    Databricks Workflows is a managed orchestration service for your data, analytics, and AI needs.

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    • Data Architecture
    • Data Governance & Security
    • Data Modernisation
    • Data Lake and Warehouse
    • Data Ingestion