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Open Source Data Lineage Tools — 5 Popular to Consider in 2023

The contemporary organization mines over 400 distinct data sources for insights that strengthen its competitive advantage. However, the intricacy continues after the point when data is created.

To gain significant insights from raw data, businesses must extract it from its source, convert it (clean and aggregate it) & then put it into a data warehouse or BI tool, which is delivered to data scientists for analysis.

Enterprises would be flying blind without a data lineage tool that illuminates the data flow via the complex ecosystem of interconnected data flows. In this post, we will go over why you need these tools & which five data lineage solutions are most promising in 2023.

So, let’s get started!

Data lineage tools - reasons you need them!

Various benefits and demands drive the development of data lineage tools.

Improved data governance – Clear governance rules and procedures provide companies with reflection, control, and operational clarity for handling sensitive data, which is critical for modern enterprises that deal with large amounts of data.

Simplified regulatory compliance – Legislative standards such as GDPR and data privacy laws can be extremely difficult to comply with if you need data lineage tools to guide you across all of the interfaces and locations in your data platforms where personal data resides.

Detailed impact analysis – Data issues are frequently detected downstream during business reporting rather than upstream in the data operations where the problem is made.

Data scientists, analysts, and BI reporters come upon missing, corrupted, or incorrect data when looking for insights. Using data lineage tools, you may map every phase of the data transition and trace errors back to their source. As a result, it speeds up mistake eradication and results in faster and improved data quality.

Improved data quality – Recognizing how business data values were formed throughout the data pipelines can help you analyze the data you deal with more effectively. The interpretability provided by data lineage software improves decision-making precision and consistency and the dependability of your data analytics to drive company operations.

Simpler migrations – Successful on-premise to cloud migration (or vice versa) will not disrupt corporate operations. To migrate data across systems, data operations engineers map all the workflow data taken to replicate the identical design in the new site.

Implementing any data lineage tools on the market should cover the benefits outlined. Still, each has limitations you must overcome before getting to the beneficial aspect of simplified data lineage.

5 best data lineage tools of 2023:

Several Automated Data Lineage Tools on the market give Data Lineage functions, but the ones listed below are the best and provide efficiency and trust.

OvalEdge is a data governance tool. It can comprehend, locate, control, and regulate data. Furthermore, the system helps you in offering authentic insights efficiently. OvalEdge is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

The app collects all accessible data from your system database to produce a catalog by crawling it. It indexes all of this data and creates a lineage that depicts the whole data cycle. Furthermore, the data is structured so you can access each and obtain a summary for better comprehension. Tags, user names, and other indicators can be used to customize the data.

Data scientists and analysts can effortlessly interact using OvalEdge. Furthermore, it collaborates with several data management systems, business intelligence platforms, and analytical platforms. Amazon S3, MySQL, Salesforce, MongoDB & others could be more resources. Since it’s cloud-oriented, this tool can be accessed online or installed on Windows and Linux systems.

Atlan offers a variety of experiences to meet the needs of various sorts of customers through the use of Personas. Each user has their homepage, customized metadata, and access to data related to their operations.

Atlan functions allow you to create policies and grant access to data resources based on company verticals and project context. In addition, Atlan’s Compliance manages access to sensitive assets, which may be recognized automatically. 

Atlan offers natural language search & the usage of business KPIs to locate relevant connected assets throughout the whole data asset universe. All activities in Atlan are API-driven and built on open source. The custom metadata generator in Atlan provides a no-code interface & allows you to share your work with other users simply.

It also lets you cooperate and communicate without leaving Atlan by utilizing standard communication, workflow tools, and plug-ins.

Collibra Data Catalog can track data quality and pipeline dependability against over 40 databases and file systems, allowing data teams to respond quickly to issues that are found.

A foundation of data auto-validation and automated discovery, paired with sensitive data security, enables quick response to concerns. In addition, machine learning aids in creating automated procedures that facilitate user participation.

Collibra’s no-code policy builder allows you to give users roles & responsibilities and develop and enforce data policies throughout your business. In addition, Collibra’s native lineage harvesters automatically extract and preserve the lineage and are visible and available to anyone.

Octopai is a data lineage-based automation software platform. The tool has tools to assist you in finding and understanding your data. It’s a quick data lineage tool that’s also simple to use. In addition, Octopai is cloud-based; therefore, no installation is required.

Some leading firms that utilize this program are 1st Interstate Bank, CooperVision, QuoteWizard & others. Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, BI managers, Data Scientists & BI developers can use Octopai. In reality, Octopai functions as an intelligent metadata management tool.

As a result, users may immediately identify information from various systems and obtain a 360-degree perspective of the data flow. In addition, the basic search makes finding any reports or references simply.

Octopai, being an automated program, aids in the elimination of manual data mapping. Because it is entirely cloud-based, it’s simple to transition across platforms. The program integrates with Microsoft’s Power BI. Business intelligence data may be effortlessly migrated from Octopai to Power BI.

Tokern has applications in gathering, organizing, and evaluating metadata from data lakes. It’s simple and may be used as a continuous metadata collector or command-line software to conduct operations swiftly. Not to add that data stewards, engineers, and analysts frequently utilize it.

Tokern gathers all data and stores it in a consolidated data library. As a result, you can manage all datasets and metadata from a single location. Furthermore, you may use the provided APIs or interactive graphs to generate data lineage by programming. To trace data lineage, the tool examines the whole infrastructure.

Tokern connects with AWS Redshift, Snowflake & BigQuery for data lineage & the tool connects with different systems. Also, you may begin the development process using ETL scripts or your query history. In addition, Tokern can be simply deployed on GCP, AWS, and other cloud platforms.

Tokern also monitors PHI, PII, and other sensitive data. There’s also a data dictionary to assist you in managing real data assets.

The bottom line:

Several data lineage devices are on the market, but only the best ones with the necessary characteristics should be used. So we have done the legwork by identifying the top five data lineage tools for 2023.

Any of these tools will allow you to audit data from its origin to its present endpoint properly. Are you looking for more enterprise data management solutions? Techmobius can help! Reach out to us today!

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