Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing The Business Need Goal of the project was to identify commodities and quantities from bills of lading using text mining, build integrations from the Warehouse as well as from webpages onto a cloud data processing model. The historic data fetched was used by the model to determine the predicted price based on the […]

Petrochemical Demand Forecast

Petrochemical Demand Forecast The Business Need A leading petrochemical market intelligence provider wanted to establish a system for real-time tracking of movement and usage of Natural Gas fuel across 18 countries in Europe. The readings from various Gas Operators across these zones are published on public domain. The project involved harvesting of data on real-time, […]

Data Consulting

Data warehouse using Azure Cloud Implementation

Data warehouse using Azure Cloud Implementation The Business Need Based out of US, a manufacturing engineering product entity which deals with selling of engineering materials for manufacturing sector had urgent requirement to build a data warehouse system to track the inventory, sales, order, forecasting details of the products across different categories. The workflow solution thus […]

Data Consulting

Reporting Tool Solution

Reporting Tool Solution The Business Need A renowned software service provider to the petroleum supply and trading sector based out of Canada had a requirement to extract ad aggregate about 160 data points on shipping from a daily set of 300 cargo inspection reports involving more than 700 file activities. The need would provide data […]

Case Studies

Solution For An Energy Marketing Major

Solution For An Energy Marketing Major The Business Need A leading UK based petrochemical market information provider needed to collect information on gas commodities on a daily basis in near real time. The information was to be used for publishing on their website in either gas day or intraday formats. The data needed to be […]