Upcoming Webinar : Leveraging Web Data For Advanced Analytics

On 6th Dec, 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM ( EST) 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM ( GMT )



A leading petrochemical market intelligence provider in Europe


    A leading petrochemical market intelligence provider wanted to establish a system for
    real-time tracking of movement and usage of Natural Gas fuel across 18
    countries in Europe. The readings from various Gas Operators across these zones
    are published in the public domain. The project involved the harvesting of data
    in real-time, normalization of the readings across different systems of
    measurement, and time zones, and validation using business rules and against
    historic levels to ensure the correctness of data before pushing onto the Data
    Lake. The real-time Tableau dashboard is populated by this feed and this
    showcases the natural gas flow and outages across 18 countries on a visual
    model. The demand and storage data along with historical values obtained at the
    time of initial setup of a tracking location help to bring about predictions
    based on historic trends. The project currently has an 8-year data backup
    integrated onto the Data Lake to increase the accuracy of predictions based on
    historic trends.



    The major challenge was to have fully automated real-time data harvesting from hundreds of sites followed by data normalization, versioning, and lineage and aggregation reports on a large scale. Data imputation had to be implemented and outlier elimination had to be done to refine the quality of the final dataset. The final visualization represents the depth and breadth of Gas fundamentals data across different geographic zones, time trends, and predictions.

    For Detail presentation and for use cases Please write to us at support@techmobius.com