Data Engineering & Analytics Services

Use your data to get relevant insights in real-time, improve performance, optimize cost and create great customer experiences

    Data Engineering & Analytics Services

    Data Strategy

    We help in deriving futuristic and cost-efficient data strategies for businesses based on current-day assessment of system and expansion plan of business. An effective data strategy helps organizations leverage their data for powering business decisions.

    Data Transformation (ETL)

    ETL or ELT - With our rich experience handling hundreds of millions of structured and unstructured data for processing, TechMobius specializes in data transformations across different ETL technologies. Business transformations like address parsing, cross-source deduplication, intelligent mapping and normalization are some of our unique features which help in improving the datasets for better analytics outcomes

    Data Governance & Security

    TechMobius establishes a standardized framework for enterprise data governance, continuous monitoring, data security, and lineage. The objective is to efficiently govern and manage data for the new-age business to support business operations, automation, digital transformation, adhere to regulatory compliance requirements, increase revenue and reduce costs.

    Data Wrangling

    Our Data wrangling service eliminates irrelevant data and corrects unusable data and objects to restore critical data thereby helping businesses to adapt flexible pricing strategies to cope with changing market conditions and competitive actions.

    Data Integration

    Setting up data streams and pipelines for static and streaming datasets is our speciality. TechMobius offers cutting-edge expertise in integration of structured and unstructured data from a multitude of sources including web pages.

    Data Warehouse

    We assist in consolidating and setting up data warehouse/ datalake / datahub as appropriate for the customer infrastructure landscape. Depending on the data ecosystem, scalability requirements and business intelligence needs, TechMobius implements the warehouse/datalake solution and sets up the datastreams and pipelines for uninterrupted operations.

    Data Quality

    TechMobius data quality management ensures monitoring the quality of data with efficient diagnostics for integrity, completeness, validity, uniqueness, accuracy, and consistency thereby accurately arriving at critical business decisions.

    Data Analytics & BI

    TechMobius helps analyze data and provide intelligent, actionable insights that maximize operational efficiency, contribute to informed decision-making, create a competitive advantage, and discover new revenue streams.

    Staff Augmentation Service

    TechMobius is committed to providing the most qualified, reliable consultants with experience and insight into the latest industry trends.

    Our capabilities in providing high-quality on-demand staff augmentation in niche skill areas across the spectrum of industries have resulted in hundreds of successful projects in several key areas, including automation, data engineering, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and big data.


    Data Analytics (Data Scientist)

    R, Python, Tableau, Power BI, Azure, HADOOP, SQL, AutoML, ML Models, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Google Cloud, AWS

    Data Analytics (Data Visualization Developer)

    Data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, SQL, Python Libraries

    Data Engineer

    ETL/SQL (Data Engineer)

    Perl, Python, Regular Expression, Node.js, Scrapy, Javascripts, Elastic Search, SQL, SSIS, Talend

    ETL/SQL (Data Architect)

    R, Python, Tableau, Power BI, Azure, HADOOP, SQL, AutoML, ML Models, Apache Spark, MongoDB, Google Cloud, AWS

    Data Analyst

    Data Analytics(Data Analyst)

    MS Office, MySQL, Python, R, PowerBi, Tableau


    Python/Perl (Automation Engineer)

    Python, Perl, Selenium, Node.js, Scrapy, Apify,, RPA Tools

    Case Study (Data Engineering)

    Case Study

    A leading petrochemical market intelligence provider in Europe

    Case Study

    One of the biggest information service providers in the UK

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